Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Class Action Settlement

Were you, or a family member, implanted with a Zimmer Durom® Hip Implant in Canada?


Class action lawsuits were initiated in Canada regarding allegations that the Zimmer Durom hip implant, or “Durom Cup,” was defective, and that it failed prematurely. Specifically, a class action was certified by the British Columbia court on September 2, 2011, in Jones v. Zimmer GMBH et al, and by the Ontario court on September 24, 2014, in McSherry v. Zimmer GMBH et al, and was authorized by the Quebec court on May 6th, 2016 in Major v. Zimmer Inc. et al.


These actions have now been settled, and the courts have approved the settlement.


The settlement applies to all persons who were implanted with the Durom Cup in Canada who have not opted out of the Jones, McSherry, or Major actions and/or who have affirmatively opted into the Jones action, and their estates and family members.


The settlement provides compensation to class members who timely submit all forms and documentation required under the Settlement Agreement, less deductions for legal fees. The settlement also provides for payment to public health insurers. Please refer to the settlement agreement, which is available on the website of Class Counsel, for specific terms and conditions.


To be entitled to a payment pursuant to this Settlement Agreement, class members must file claim with the Claims Administrator on or before the claims deadline below.


Claim Deadline: Received by Crawford Class Action Services no later than

5:00 p.m. Eastern time on September 5, 2017.